Like other health insurance programs, navigating Medicare can be challenging, and the numerous available options can be overwhelming for seniors and their loved ones.

To help seniors understand Medicare plans in New York better, there is a resource that discusses the different parts, benefits, and eligibility as well as how to get help in New York. You can view the guide here:

Do I Need Renter’s Insurance?

Many renters wonder why they’d need renters’ insurance. Surely the property owner has insurance, right?

Of course, that’s true – but many tenants don’t realize that the landlord’s insurance generally covers only the building and grounds, not the residents’ property inside. That means that in the event of a fire or other accident, you could end up replacing your furniture, electronics, athletic equipment and other property out of your own pocket.

If you’ve just been through a disaster, the last think you’ll want to worry about his how you’re going to replace the things you need to rebuild and move forward. And renters’ insurance will also cover you in the event of a break-in. The good news is that basic renters’ insurance is very affordable. Depending on where you live, how much property you have in your apartment and what valuables you want to insure, you might find that a renters’ insurance policy costs as little as $10/month. That’s a very small price to pay to protect the goods you rely on every day. Check with your automobile insurance company for rates and coverage, as you may be eligible for a multi-coverage discount if you purchase renters’ insurance through the same company

How to be a good neighbor

Some apartment buildings have individual entrances, some are shared by many people. This is a big adjustment if you have never lived in an apartment.

It takes time to get used to the fact that you are essentially sharing some areas of your house with 100 people with different lifestyles! While at first it can be exciting to meet many new people, you have to consider that you will see these people many times over the next year.

You may meet some people that you form a bond with, but you also might meet some people that you just cant warm up to. It is important to remember that all residents have a right to peace, and the quiet enjoyment of their apartment.

Please clink on the link below to read a great article on being a good neighbor:

Independent vs. Assisted Living

So you decide it is time to sell your house – where are you going to go? What is the next move? Buy a smaller house, move to a condo, move in with family members go to an assisted living facility where you can get transitional (additional) care as you age?

As you can tell, in addition to making a life style change, there are many factors to consider as far as what environment truly fits your best needs.

The following article is a good example of the many options available which should be considered before making a move:

Downsizing Checklist

A majority of our residents are former homeowners. The decision to sell your home and change your lifestyle can make you feel uncomfortable. You have most likely lived in your home for many years. You have routines, know where everything is located, etc. As we know this can be a very stressful period – what to take, keep, give away, etc.

Isn’t it better to do this on your own terms, rather than leave this task to family members at a later date who many not have as much appreciation for your things.

Please click on the link below to find a wonderful downsizing checklist:

Popular Scams 2019

As each of us knows, it is vital to be on the alert for possible scams. One that seems to come and go is the locking up of the computer and demanding money for it to be unlocked. What do we do? Is this real? Each year there seems to new scams, then a warning about the scam, and then on to a new scam.

There is a link below to a very interesting read published by the FTC describing all the different types of scams that you may encounter. Remember, these ruthless people try to stay one step ahead of us

Socialization is Vital to our Health as We Age

Studies have shown that socialization is vital to good health, especially as we age. Here at The Legends at Whitney we take socializing and having a good time very seriously 😂.

Our strategy is to first and foremost get people out of their apartments. A simple coffee, wine & cheese, or fireside chat once a week does wonders for a persons state of mind.

Socializing has been shown to be a positive impact of the following:

  1. Improve Mood and Quality of Life
  2. Slow Memory Loss
  3. May Support Brain Health

Of course, social activities take place nearly every day at The Legends. Other activities our resident participate in:

  • chair yoga
  • bingo
  • movie night
  • potluck suppers
  • games
  • karaoke
  • day trips
  • casino trips
  • crafts
  • book clubs
  • walking club

So join us at The Legends at Whitney – the fun is waiting for you!