Socialization is Vital to our Health as We Age

Studies have shown that socialization is vital to good health, especially as we age. Here at The Legends at Whitney we take socializing and having a good time very seriously 😂.

Our strategy is to first and foremost get people out of their apartments. A simple coffee, wine & cheese, or fireside chat once a week does wonders for a persons state of mind.

Socializing has been shown to be a positive impact of the following:

  1. Improve Mood and Quality of Life
  2. Slow Memory Loss
  3. May Support Brain Health

Of course, social activities take place nearly every day at The Legends. Other activities our resident participate in:

  • chair yoga
  • bingo
  • movie night
  • potluck suppers
  • games
  • karaoke
  • day trips
  • casino trips
  • crafts
  • book clubs
  • walking club

So join us at The Legends at Whitney – the fun is waiting for you!